College Park Quarterly Meeting (CPQM) is a quarterly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in northern California and northern Nevada (list).


The Quarterly Meeting gathers on a regular schedule. The next quarterly meeting gathering will take place January 18 at Palo Alto Meeting in Palo Alto, California.

The theme for the upcoming quarterly meeting is “Harmony with Creation: What is our Witness?” Winter Quarter pre-registration is recommended, but not required. You can register on arrival; online registration will save time.¬†Click here to register. Click here to see the flyer for the meeting, which has the schedule and other details.

During the meeting, we will be hearing from the Ad Hoc Committee to Develop a Draft Climate Minute. Their draft minute can be found here. A summary of past climate minutes from other Quaker bodies can be found here.

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We encourage all Friends to join us for the business of the quarterly meeting.

About Friends, Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Meetings

Wikipedia has information about Quakerism. The following brief introduction is intended to simply explain College Park Quarterly Meeting’s context in the Society of Friends.

There are unprogrammed and programmed Friends meetings for worship. Unprogrammed Friends meetings gather in silence for worship, and programmed meetings usually have a pastor and have worship similar to Protestant services. Local meetings, which have weekly meetings for worship, are called monthly meetings because they hold a meeting for the purpose of business once a month. They are organized by geographic region into larger quarterly meetings, which are organized into yet-larger yearly meetings. CPQM is a gathering of unprogrammed monthly meetings in northern California and northern Nevada (list of meetings). It is a part of Pacific Yearly Meeting (PYM).

Another quarterly meeting in PYM is the Southern California Quarterly Meeting, which includes meetings and worship groups in southern California and southern Nevada. Pacific Yearly Meeting also includes meetings in Hawaii and Mexico that are not part of a quarterly meeting.

The yearly meetings for programmed meetings in this area are Evangelical Friends Church Southwest and Western Association of the Religious Society of Friends, which includes churches in Berkeley, Whittier, and Bakersfield, California.

List of CPQM Meetings

Apple Seed
Carson City Worship Group
Central Coast
Friends House Worship Group
Grass Valley
Lake County Worship Group
Live Oak
Monterey Peninsula
Palo Alto
Redwood Forest
San Francisco
San Jose
San Mateo Worship Group
Santa Cruz
Soledad Worship Group
Southern Humboldt Worship Group
Strawberry Creek
Ukiah Worship Group

Google Map of CPQM Meetings


Quarterly Meetings also create institutions to serve the wider world of Friends and their communities. College Park Quarterly Meeting was involved in establishing:

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