Spring 2022 Meeting

Finding Our Way in These Troubled Times:
Being Centered, Being Brave, Being Helpful

As our world appears to spin more and more out of balance, what are the stories that speak to this darkening time? What stories are destroying us, and what stories are sustaining us, helping us to find a path that can return us to a point of balance, a place of belonging? (from Darkness Rising, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee)

Please join us either in person or online at the College Park Quarterly Meeting’s Spring 2022 session as we search for the light in troubled times. This weekend will be an opportunity to find hope in difficult times while we, either in person or vicariously, enjoy the peaceful, refreshing environment of our Quaker Center. I look forward to spending the weekend with you.

We are excited to try our first semi-hybrid Quarterly meeting from Quaker Center. Registration is now open. Compliance with a Covid 19 safety protocol is required for in-person attendance. (See registration form.) Please Register by May 7, 2022.

Joe Magruder, Clerk

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